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GRÖSSE Deep Conditioner, Shampoo 250 ml, Spülung 250 ml, Haar Öl Orangen/ oder Kokosnuss 100 ml
Geruch Orange

The Pandu Repair & Care Oil differs from classic products because the hair absorbs it particularly quickly.

The 100% natural oil is the perfect solution for:

  • damaged hair that needs intensive treatment.
  • Hair that is heavily stressed because it has been damaged by the environment or chemical processes.

You protect your hair from drying out and give it all the nutrients it needs to build it up again.

Secret recipe for special occasions

There are certain events in our life where we want to look particularly beautiful. For these occasions, Pandu Hair Oil is the product of choice. Even a small amount gives your hair a natural, silky shine that catches the eye. The scents of orange or coconut ensure exotic freshness.

You benefit from this:

- Damaged hair receives valuable nutrients and recovers optimally.

- The oil makes your hair shine and ensures a healthy, radiant appearance.


Natural, environmentally friendly and healthy

All of our care products are made from natural, biological raw materials. Without exception, they are organically tested and certified. That's what makes the Pandu brand what it is, that's what we value.


The following must be observed: 

The color can change over time as it is made from natural raw materials!

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Hi! I'm Juliana

As a native Dominican who grew up in Switzerland, I realized early on that my afro curls did not correspond to the common Western ideal of beauty in the beauty market. I grew up in a society where my frizzy hair was alien to many people - and finding the right products for my hair turned out to be a big challenge.

For years I was ashamed of my hair and wore it straight, but over time I realized: That's not me.
I started making my custom hair oils and wearing my afro with pride. In 2021, together with my husband, I decided to found Pandu Biokosmetik - so that other curly heads can also get the best out of their hair!

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The most important questions and answers about Pandu:

No! The Pandu Biokosmetik products are suitable for all hair types. Our products have been specifically developed to moisturize care-hungry hair and give shine to damaged, brittle hair.

The Pandu repair & care deep conditioner is the wellness treatment for all types of curls. It moisturizes, soothes and protects the hair and helps it to find a new balance.

We have developed Pandu Repair & Care Hair Lotion for hair that is very frizzy, difficult to style or damaged by dryness. The lotion contains powerful active ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and hibiscus blossoms. It regenerates and strengthens the hair for soft, defined and strong curls.

Our hair care products are 100% natural. Without exception, they are organically tested and are manufactured and certified according to the guidelines of the Bio Austria Guarantee. All of our products are cruelty-free, vegan and of course environmentally friendly. That's what defines the Pandu brand, that's what we value.