Our philosophy

Pandu organic cosmetics stand for natural grace. With our products we want to give space to your beauty and neither change nor paint over it. We are convinced that every hair type has its own individual beauty. In our opinion, having curly hair is a privilege because it adds that extra something to your appearance. As a certified organic cosmetics for curls, we offer you natural care products for structured and care-hungry hair. All our products have their origin in Switzerland and are manufactured in Austria.

founding story

Hi! I'm Yuliana

For years I suffered from the same problem as you. 

As a native Dominican who grew up in Switzerland, it was not always easy for me to find the right product for my hair. I grew up in a society where my frizzy hair was alien to many people. 

I was even ashamed

I was ashamed of my hair and wore it straight for years. Over time, I realized: That's not me. Determined, I started researching and discovered a gap in the market.

 I had the idea when I was 12 years old

I began to make hair oils according to instructions from YouTube videos. I wrote down the recipes and partially modified them. Making my own products and finding a means to care for my frizz in a highly effective way became a passion.

The decision: The idea becomes reality
In 2021, together with my husband, I decided to make my idea a reality. Since there is a lot of greenwashing in natural cosmetics, it was important to us to manufacture and certify the products according to the Bio Austria Garantie guidelines. This guideline is one of the strictest standards in the EU.

Therefore, we can proudly call ourselves an organic cosmetics label. We guarantee that all products come from verified, organic cultivation. Your curls deserve only the best.



We are passionate about the beauty revolution and make a statement for the whole world. We drive sustainability forward with passion and enthusiasm.


Our goal is to give people with all types of curls recognition and to constantly work on the further development of new products. In order to create great things, your opinion is important to us. Get in touch with us!


Our products reflect our ideas. We want to be sustainable and recognizable. The products are well thought out from start to finish. Because it's the little things that make life.