Because nature is important to us!

Our products

Our hair care products are 100% natural. All of the ingredients we use come from organic and organic farming.

- We do not use ingredients that are chemically manufactured. All ingredients have been carefully checked and used in accordance with the guidelines of the Bio Austria Guarantee.

- We pay attention to fair trade, avoid ingredients that have a long transport route and try to use raw materials that come from the country of production.

- We are committed to environmentally friendly companies and support small organic shops by buying the products at a fair price.

Packaging = 100% recycled

Our packaging materials are made from 100% recycled PET. R-PET is produced in a more sustainable and resource-saving manner than conventional PET because less oil is processed. R-PET can be recycled without any loss of raw materials and produces fewer emissions during the recycling process.

The advantages of R-PET:

- 100 percent recyclable

- High strength

- Resistant to alcohols, grease and oils

- Low emissions

We look at the details


For our organic hair oils we only use amber glass, which is manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. The amber glass protects the sensitive, natural ingredients and ensures that the hair oil remains as effective as possible. The amber glass can be recycled and reused.

 Recycling labels

When choosing the labels, it was also important to us to be environmentally friendly. Our labels are therefore mostly made of PP recycled paper and coated with a soft-touch laminate. The printer's ink is also environmentally friendly.

Your package: environmentally friendly

We will ship your order in an environmentally friendly R box and only use as much filling material as is absolutely necessary. The filling material consists of a vegetable basis that is reusable and compostable.